Kwik Painters Oshawa, a well-known and respected owner operated painting company has been providing high-end, custom house painting for the residents of Durham Region since 1979.  As house painters in Oshawa, On, we understand the stress that is involved with undergoing a remodel, as well as locating a  contractor that will translate your dreams for your home into reality and follow through in a professional manner on the work that is contracted. Kwik Painters consists of trained journeyman and has a comprehensive process used by the entire team to ensure a custom, premium paint job and that your expectations have been exceeded. Also, we will leave your home spotless which seems to be expected, however, you would be surprised at how many contractors overlook this incredibly important step.   Call Kwik Painters at 905-555-1212 or simply fill out our free quote form and we will answer any questions you have about your project in and around the Oshawa, On area. For a handyman in Oshawa call The Handy Man

Initially, our House painters of Oshawa gather as much information as we can over the phone as to what you are intending to accomplish.  Then we show up to evaluate the project, gathering more information and ideas, while providing some ideas of our own.  Having painted all types of homes and commercial buildings in and around the Oshawa, CO metropolitan area, we can suggest some tips that might work well for your project.  After understanding exactly what you want, we will work up a proposal so there are no questions while giving you a realistic timeframe for completion.  There will also be no questions on how impactful the project will be on you/your family or working environment, so you may plan accordingly.  Upon completion of the Oshawa  custom house project, you will have the opportunity to evaluate our work, while ensuring your complete happiness.

Lastly, we will leave the project spotless, which seems to be expected, however, you would be surprised how many contractors overlook this incredibly important step since they are more concerned about moving onto their next project.  Give Kwik Painters Oshawa a try by calling 905-555-1212 today, or simply fill out our free quote form to the right (or at the bottom if you are on your mobile device) and we will answer any questions you have about your project.

                 What to look for when searching out a high-end, custom painting contractor:

• Did he/she arrive for the estimate on time?  This is key to discovering whether your project will commence on time and finish when expected.
• How are they dressed and were they clean?  In other words, have they arrived in attire looking to impress you or not?
• Did they shake your hand and look you in the eyes?  I know this might sound silly, but whether you are meeting to close a multi-million dollar real estate deal or having someone survey your painting project, business is business, and thus should be treated as such.
• Did he/she appear confident when answering the questions you had?  Did you feel they had good suggestions over and above what you had in your head for your project?  Simply put, did they sound like they knew what they were talking about?
• Make sure to ask them to be very specific and detailed on how they plan to handle your project.

Our process ensures top-notch results:
Focusing on preparation is key.  As the saying goes, fail to prepare and prepare to fail.  Instead of diving right into the application of the project, we will ensure the necessary prep work has been completed first.  This will ensure your job will last longer and stay attractive for years to come.

Prior to engaging in any contractual relationship with a fine painting professional, ask what methods they use to prepare for a successful job.  Aside from preparing properly in advance for your project, it is absolutely vital that quality products are used.  The differences between low-grade and name-brand products are insurmountable.  At Oshawa House Painters, we only use the best products around…Benjamin Moore Paints.

Lastly, when it actually comes to the application process, it is key to that your custom painting contractor has had the proper training and skill to paint with smooth strokes, clean lines, and laser-straight edges.  Outside of finishing the paint job, it’s equally important to understand how to treat the surface that is being painted for a quality job.

When it comes to a paint job, the saying of “you get what you pay for”, could not be any more accurate.  Your locally-owned painting contracting company in Oshawa, On has decades of experience that we have invested into our business, and we take all of the necessary measures to make sure that your job will exceed every expectation that you had in your mind prior to reaching out to contractors.  Additionally, due to the meticulous and extremely laborious tactics, we take to prepare each job, your painting experience will be one that leaves nothing but a smile on your face.
Here’s a true depiction of our process:

• Onsite investigation of your Oshawa, On custom needs, which will involve questions and answers and suggestions (if requested).

• Once an understanding of your needs is understood, we will put together a proposal and deliver this in person to ensure that there are no alterations.  If there are any changes, we should be able to alter the proposal on the spot.

• After an agreement is in place, we will establish a date to begin work.

• Upon the first day of work, our crew, which will involve the owner, will show up ON TIME and commence the preparation of the job.  As discussed earlier, this is the most important step of the process.  We will drop cloths, close in the area, mask, tape, caulk the tape line (to ensure crisp lines), and prepare the paint for application.

• Once fully prepared, the application of the paint will begin, resulting in a one-of-a-kind, custom paint job.

       Upon completion, our workers will make sure that your place is left cleaner than when we                                                                                   began the project.


Kwik Painters Oshawa has an incredible range of services offered


While many painting contractors located in the Durham Region would like to present themselves as experts in everything, unfortunately, what you typically will get is a “jack of all trades”, instead of a master of what you desire.  Kwik Painters focuses solely on the interior of homes and commercial buildings.  That has enabled us to build our name and reputation around high-end, custom projects which truly deserve the utmost attention to detail.  Here is a list of services that we have been providing to all communities in and around Oshawa, Ontario for decades:

• Fine, custom interior painting, stain, and lacquer
• Decorative finishes / faux painting
• Wood graining and marbling
• Cabinet painting
• Decorative finishes / faux painting
• Venetian plaster
• Custom textures
• Color consultation
• Mixed media wall art

In addition to custom cabinets, we can also assist with your bedroom,  bathroom, office, hallway, dining room, living room, family room, basement, or trim work!  Make sure to visit our Gallery section in the drop-down section of Interior Painting Services section of our website.  You will get a great understanding of the work that Kwik can do.  On the other hand, if you do not see what you are seeking on the list above, give us a call at 905-555-1212 to see if your project will fit our company’s skillset or visit our Contact Us section for additional contact information.  Exceeding the expectations of our client’s is our #1 focus, so if what you are intending to accomplish is beyond the scope of our company, we would be happy to refer you elsewhere knowing you will be taken care of properly.

If we are not available or do not respond call Brush + Colour painters.